Basin Study Work Group

Water Planning for the Future

The DRC’s Water Management Planning Program designs the next generation of water management projects to help stakeholders in the Deschutes Basin resolve long-standing water management issues. The DRC and our partners are now underway with the Upper Deschutes Basin Study.

The Basin Study is a $1.5 million process, in partnership with the Bureau of Reclamation, that will provide a road map to meet water needs for rivers, agriculture and communities for the next 50 years. It includes a climate change analysis to ensure that we are planning for future conditions. The study builds on previous planning work in the basin, including the Deschutes Water Planning Initiative, and is expected to be complete in 2018.

The Study encompasses the upper Deschutes, Whychus and Crooked sub-basins, and it’s particularly focused on finding solutions to restore flows in the Upper Deschutes River, the largest and most complex restoration need in the basin. The DRC and our partners expect that the Study will provide the information needed to develop a long-term water management agreement that reaches flow goals and ensures healthy rivers into the future.

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Basin Study Work Group
Steering Committee:

Arnold Irrigation District
Shawn Gerdes
Brendan Hirschberg
Collin Wills

Avion Water Company
Mark Reinecke
Jason Wick
Garrett Chrostek

Bend Paddle Trail Alliance
Mark Schang

Central Oregon Cities Organization
Betty Roppe
Eric Klann

Central Oregon Fly Fishers
Dave Dunahay

Central Oregon Irrigation District
Craig Horrell

City of Bend
Adam Sussman
Patrick Griffiths
Tom Hickman

City of La Pine
Dennis Scott

City of Madras
Richard Ladeby
Gus Burril

City of Prineville
Betty Roppe
Mike Kasberger
Eric Klann

City of Redmond
Bill Duerden
Dustan Campbell

Coalition for the Deschutes
Gail Snyder
Lisa Seales

Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs
Brad Houslet

Crooked River Watershed Council
Chris Gannon
Garry Sanders

Deschutes County
Phil Henderson

Deschutes River Conservancy
Tod Heisler
Kate Fitzpatrick

Deschutes Soil and Water
Conservation District

Jan Roofener

Lone Pine Irrigation District
Terry Smith

Native Reintroduction Network
Tom Davis
Clair Kunkel
Bill Merrill
Amy Stuart

Natural Resources Conservation Service
Tom Bennett
Bill Cronin
Nicholle Kovach
Ronald Smith

North Unit Irrigation District
Mike Britton
Phil Fine

Ochoco Irrigation District
Russ Rhoden

Oregon Department of Agriculture
Theresa DeBardelaben
Ellen Hammond
Margaret Matter
Maria Snodgress

Oregon Dept. of Environmental Quality
Bonnie Lamb
Smita Mehta

Oregon Land and Water Alliance
Paul Lipscomb

Oregon Water Resources Dept.
Kyle Gorman
Jeremy Giffin

Portland General Electric
Rebekah Burchell
Terry Schrader
Jessica Graeber

Sunriver Anglers
Jeff Wieland​

Swalley Irrigation District
Jer Camarata

Three Sisters Irrigation District
Pamela Thalacker
Marc Thalacker
Pattie Apregan

Trout Unlimited
Herb Blank
Darek Staab
Mike Tripp

Tumalo Irrigation District
Kenneth Rieck
Chris Schull

U.S. Bureau of Reclamation
Gregg Garnett

U.S Fish and Wildlife Service
Peter Lickwar
Bridget Moran
Jennifer O'Reilly

U.S. Forest Service
Jason Gritzner
Rob Tanner
Mike Riehle

Upper Deschutes Watershed Council
Ryan Houston

Water for Life
Rex Barber
Amber McKinney

WaterWatch of Oregon
Kimberley Priestley