What is the Deschutes Water Alliance Water Bank?


The DWA Water Bank was established to assure adequate water supplies for agriculture while making water available for Central Oregon cities and rivers at the same time. The current members of the DWA Water Bank are the Deschutes River Conservancy, Central Oregon Irrigation District, Swalley Irrigation District, City of Bend, City of Redmond, and Avion Water Company. The bank operates in a voluntary, market-based manner using existing Oregon water law statutes under a cooperative agreement.

The DRC administers and staffs the DWA Water Bank as well as a separate Groundwater Mitigation Bank where you can obtain temporary mitigation credits through the Instream Leasing Program.

For more information about the DWA Water Bank, please contact Zachary Tillman, DWA Bank Manager at 541.382.4077 ext.21.

Download a PDF brochure about the DWA Water Bank.

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