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Aug 18, 2020 - Bend Bulletin - Letters: Conserving water should pay

Letters: Conserving water should pay

Currently, irrigation districts are compensated with state and federal grants to pipe and improve their delivery systems and receive a portion of the conserved water to expand service. Conservation groups and natural resource agencies are compensated with donations and grants to get more water back into the stream and serve the requirements of the Endangered Species and Clean Water Acts.



Aug 11, 2020 - Sisters Nugget - A legacy of caring

A legacy of caring

The news that the Rimrock Ranch is going to remain what it is today and forever more, because it is now under the ownership of the Deschutes Land Trust, (DLT), is like hearing that apple pie is for breakfast and will help you live to 120.





Jul 21, 2020 - Sisters Nugget - Stream health

Stream health

I stood waders-deep in an urban stream, running my net back and forth through the water, squinting and studying the sparkling ripples that blinded me. I felt eyes on me; curious park-goers who hoped to interact with me in some way.