October 20, 2011 - Bend Bulletin - Good steelhead fishing reported in Warm Springs

Oct 24, 2011

October 20, 2011 - Bend Bulletin - Good steelhead fishing reported in Warm Springs

Good steelhead fishing reported in Warm Springs

Published: October 20. 2011 4:00AM PST

Here is the weekly fishing report for selected areas in and around Central Oregon, provided by fisheries biologists for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife:


ANTELOPE FLAT RESERVOIR: The trout will be more active with the cooler temperatures. We are expecting excellent fishing for some very healthy fish.

BIG LAVA LAKE: Fishing has been good for both bait anglers and fly anglers using a leech pattern or a chironomid under an indicator.

CLEAR LAKE: Limited reports have indicated good fishing. Lake levels may be getting low due to irrigation withdrawals.

CRANE PRAIRIE RESERVOIR: Anglers are encouraged to try for the large Crane Prairie trout before the season closes after Oct. 31. Some fish are scattered in the shallows; however, most are occupying the channels.

CROOKED RIVER BELOW BOWMAN DAM: Fishing has been good on the Crooked River lately. As we near the end of the irrigation season, the water level will decrease (river flows near Prineville). The number of trout is down compared to the past couple of years, but there are still plenty of trout to be caught with fish up to 20 inches long being reported.

CULTUS LAKE: Anglers have reported improved fishing.

DAVIS LAKE: Water is higher than normal and fish are inhabiting different habitats.

DESCHUTES RIVER (Mouth to the Pelton Regulating Dam): Good numbers of steelhead have passed over Sherars Falls, and there are reports of good fishing all the way up to Warm Springs. Fish are spread throughout the lower 100 miles.

DESCHUTES RIVER (Lake Billy Chinook to Bend): Fishing has been hit or miss, but patient anglers can find rainbows from 10 to 16 inches and even bigger browns. Fly fishers should consider caddis, PMDs and mahogany duns. Grasshopper patterns also have been effective, so don’t overlook terrestrials. Anglers will find better access downstream of Lower Bridge.

EAST LAKE: Reports of good rainbow trout fishing with a fly — stripping streamers or wind drifting a callibaetis nymph. The lake is open to fishing through Oct. 31.

FALL RIVER: The Fall River has been offering some of the most consistently good fishing on any of the area rivers.

HAYSTACK RESERVOIR: As the temperatures decrease, the fish will become more active. Fall fishing can be one of the more productive times to fish as fish are looking to put on weight for the winter.

HOSMER LAKE: The summer crowds have disappeared and fishing continues to be good at this fly-fishing only lake. Anglers report good fishing with callibaetis, damsel nymph and traveling sedge patterns.

LITTLE LAVA LAKE: Fishing has been good.

METOLIUS RIVER: Fishing has been good thanks to several good hatches. In addition to green drakes, anglers should look for PMDs in the early afternoons, and mayfly spinners and caddis in the evenings. Golden stoneflies are still around in the upper sections above Allingham Bridge.

OCHOCO RESERVOIR: Fishing for trout should be good with the cooler temperatures, and trophy-sized fish were recently stocked.

ODELL LAKE: Anglers are still catching chrome kokanee, and the lake is open through Oct. 31.

SOUTH TWIN LAKE: Fishing for legal-sized stocked fish continues to be good. All fishing restrictions, including daily bag limit and minimum size requirements, have been lifted until the lake closes to fishing on Oct. 24. The lake is scheduled to be treated with rotenone to remove introduced bullhead.

WICKIUP RESERVOIR: Anglers are still catching rainbows and browns.

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