A tribute to the river we all love, in collaboration with local artists MOsley WOtta and Ghost Village Films.


How will we solve the greatest challenge in the Deschutes River Basin?


By facilitating cooperative, multi-stakeholder solutions, the Deschutes River Conservancy (DRC) is proud to celebrate 20 years of successful river restoration work in the Deschutes Basin. But there is still a monumental challenge ahead of us: restoring winter flows in the Upper Deschutes River below Wickiup Dam.

We will devise a comprehensive plan.

Our current water management system is 100 years old and is clearly no longer meeting the changing and growing demands for water in the region. We will devise and implement a new approach that will effectively meet these needs today and in the future.

We will work together cooperatively.

We must balance environmental concerns with other water demands, and so we will work closely with 32 basin-wide stakeholders to determine how to best to meet the future needs of farms, fish and families. We will also engage the community as fellow stewards of the river.

We will all benefit.

It is a time for innovation and a paradigm shift about how best to balance the supply and demand of water in our region—and restore the river that runs through us all.

Be part of the solution

Restoring winter flows to the Upper Deschutes River will require the coordination of many partners, projects and resources. There is work to be done and there are voices to be heard. Please join us.