Seminar Replay – Groundwater in Central Oregon

This seminar will focus on current trends in the regional aquifer system and the unique connection between groundwater and surface water. Join us on October 10, 2022, in-person or online, for this important conversation. The replay will be available after the event date. 

Seminar Replay – Resiliency in the Face of Scarcity: Why Water Banks Make Sense

We’re living in a region with limited water supplies and imbalanced distribution. Water banks create flexibility in how water can be distributed to meet needs. Find out how we can use water banks in Central Oregon to enable the flexible and voluntary market-based reallocation of water, particularly during drought conditions.

Seminar Replay – Whose Water is it Anyway? Water Rights 101

Do rivers have rights? Back when Oregon was developing its water laws in the early 1900s, any water that remained unused and left instream was considered wasted. Watch this seminar to understand regional water rights and how they affect water management.

Seminar Replay – What’s Going on with our Rivers?

Water is a critical resource in our high desert arid climate and a source of well-being. We all know that Central Oregon is home to many beautiful rivers and streams, but you may not know that the Deschutes River and its tributaries are facing severe long-term challenges. Watch this seminar to find out more.


Calling for volunteers with experience handling fish to help relocate stranded fish as flows in the river drop for storage season.