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Water Transactions

Water Transactions at the Deschutes River Conservancy, our suite of Water Transactions programs is designed to thoughtfully aid water resource management to help meet the diverse needs of the Deschutes River Basin.

Our Annual Water Leasing and Permanent Water Rights Transfer programs, assist our partners with temporarily or permanently moving water to support both environmental and community needs. In parallel, our Groundwater Mitigation Bank, and the pioneering Deschutes Water Bank, provide additional opportunities to help balance the demands of water users with maintaining and restoring healthy river systems. The DRC’s structured, voluntary market-based approaches to water management are critical tools to achieving sustainable and equitable use of our water resources.

A close up of rocks in a body of water.

Annual Leasing Program

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Permanent Water Rights Transfers

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Conserved Water Program

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Streamflow Monitoring

Monitoring streamflow informs sustainable water management.

McKay Creek Water Rights Switch

Switch secures water rights, improves Steelhead habitat.