Instream Collective

Join the Instream Collective Central Oregon’s streams and rivers are calling. Sign up now to join the Instream Collective, our community initiative for sustaining the lifeblood of the Deschutes Basin.

Pledge your support and help fund crucial conservation measures that restore and protect our precious rivers and streams. Step forward with the Instream Collective—where your engagement becomes our future. Help us create a wave of change to Raise the Deschutes!

instream Collective

Giving Levels

Household Water per MonthImpact Investment
Creek Impact 0-3,000 Gallons
Average monthly water use for single-person household
$12 monthly/ $144 annually
River Impact 3,001-6,000 Gallons
Average monthly water use for 2-person household
$24 monthly/ $288 annually
Watershed Impact 6,001-12,000 Gallons
Average monthly water use for 4-person household
$48 monthly/ $576 annually