Bend park district renovating beach at Riverbend Park

April 16, 2019
Bend park district renovating beach at Riverbend Park


The sand will be replaced with coarse gravel to reduce erosion, make slope more gradual

By Jackson Hogan 

The Bend Park & Recreation District is renovating a popular access point to the Deschutes River at Riverbend Park in order to combat erosion at the site.

Park staff are replacing the sand with two layers of gravel, with larger rocks at the bottom and coarse gravel on the surface, according to spokeswoman Julie Brown.

“Because it’s going to be a different experience than the sand people are used to, it’s going to be more important for people to choose more appropriate footwear — because it’s not going to be friendly to bare feet,” she said.

The bank is a popular put-in spot for people paddleboarding, kayaking or otherwise floating on the Deschutes River through the Old Mill District.

Park staff are also working on making the bank’s slope into the river more gradual in an attempt to curb erosion at the beach. Brown said the new material used could also improve the habitat for small fish and invertebrates that live in the river.

The project cost $6,000.

— Bulletin staff report

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