Better solution needed for irrigation pipelines

April 24, 2012
Better solution needed for irrigation pipelines

Before the chain saws started, I called Tumalo Irrigation Districtregarding their planned tree cutting along the First Street park tomaintain their irrigation pipeline under the trail. When asked about thescope of their project, they assured me that their cutting would befairly minimal. However, instead, they cut large trees and did just whatI feared — overkill.

For over a 100 years, TID has been takingwater from the river. We all take a lot from the river in the way ofrecreation and enjoyment. Now is the time for us to give back.

Irespect the fact that TID must maintain their pipeline, but the treesprovided shade and wildlife habitat. A better, more permanent way theycan protect the pipe is to trench along it and install a tree rootbarrier. Once done, they would never have to cut trees again.

Otherthings TID can do to give back is plant native plants with noninvasiveroots. They can install some fencing to protect the riparian plants. TIDshould form partnerships with groups like East Cascades Audubon Societyand Upper Deschutes Watershed Council to augment funds and getvolunteers.

I appreciate the fact that TID allowed the city tobuild a trail over their pipeline. But it is now a city park and all ourmethods need to be brought up to 21st century standards. We now knowabout the need for protecting our resources. It’s time for us all tofind ways of giving back.


Lynn Putnam


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