Historical editorial: Diversified farming is the farming that pays

October 15, 2021
Historical editorial: Diversified farming is the farming that pays

In conversation with a prosperous farmer this week, The Bulletin was impressed by a statement he made relative to the best method of making a success of agriculture in the upper Deschutes valley. This farmer has made money at his business, is an old irrigator, and knows whereof he speaks. He deplores the too evident inclination of many newcomers to turn their whole attention to grain raising, and states that those who do that exclusively will certainly make a failure of ranching financially.

The foundation of successful farming, as this gentleman believes, is the cow, the hog, and the hen. Every farm should have a goodly number of these wealth producing animals and fowls.

Then, instead of raising so much grain, put in several acres to root crops, such as carrots, rutabagas, turnips, etc. These abundantly yield here and are excellent food for both cows and hogs — great milk and fat producers.

This rancher has produced eight tons of carrots to the acre this year on new ground and has received $11 per ton for them — or $88 per acre. Deducting the small cost of seeding, care and harvest and you have a nice profit left. ...

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