Laura Gibson gets spiritual for the Deschutes River

October 22, 2012
Laura Gibson gets spiritual for the Deschutes River

I wish this wasn't the end of the Deschutes River Recordings. Starting with Eric D. Johnson, and then Eric Earley, and now Laura Gibson, they've been fantastic.

Ms. Gibson, who guest starred at last night's Calexico show and is getting ready to head out on tour with Typhoon, steps up with an old spiritual made famous by, among many, Sister Rosetta Tharpe. (<-- Go Watch That.)

"Down By the Riverside"fits nicely in the collection of songs done to benefit the DeschutesRiver Conservancy. Deschutes Brewery stepped up to help all this happen.Those cool microphones you've seen throughout are handmade in Portlandby Ear Trumpet Labs. The location is Smith Rock.

The video premiered at Pitchfork, and you can download the song(s) and donate to the cause at the Deschutes Bandcamp page.

Earlier this year, you might remember Gibson doing a version of "Little Red Riding Hood" for a Volvo commercial.

Even earlier, she released "La Grande," a record people who like good records should own.

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