Merkley visits SW Bend canal-piping project

October 10, 2016
Merkley visits SW Bend canal-piping project


Talks water conservation with COID, others

BEND, Ore. - Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., joined Central Oregon irrigators and fish and wildlife advocates at a canal-piping project in southwest Bend to highlight progress that is being made on water conservation in the upper Deschutes Basin.

The gathering at a site off Brookswood Boulevard discussed how federal funding that Merkley is fighting for can further support efforts to conserve water and benefit both local farmers and ranchers and fish and wildlife.

At a time when Central Oregon’s water resources are under greater strain than ever, improving efficiency through canal piping has great potential to conserve water in a way that is beneficial to all users, the senator said.

Today, local irrigators and others working on water conservation in the region joined Merkley at a canal piping project site to look directly at how improvements in canal piping can help save water.

“There’s an old saying in the West: ‘Whiskey, that’s for drinking; water, that’s for fighting,’” Merkley said. “But here in Central Oregon, stakeholders are working together to create a brighter future for all. Their work should be commended, and I'll keep working to make sure the federal government is a full partner as they move forward.

"Especially in times of drought, water is a precious resource, and it’s up to us to work creatively to make the most of the water resources we have. These canal piping projects are an impressive example of smart local collaboration on a tough problem, and I’m proud to be working in DC to support these important efforts,” the senator added.

“We appreciate Senator Merkley's support and efforts to secure federal funding for conservation efforts on behalf of COID and the Deschutes Basin," said Craig Horrell, manager of the Central Oregon Irrigation District. "We are committed to working with our partners and elected officials to find solutions that benefit farms, fish and families in the Deschutes Basin”

Michael Tripp, president of the Deschutes Chapter of Trout Unlimited, said, “Deschutes Basin collaborative work has shown that modernization of irrigation practices can provide water to restore our rivers. The projects are complex and costly. Major investments are required, but these will be rewarded by immediate as well as long-term benefits for all: farms, cities, every resident and the environment. Thank you Senator Merkley for securing federal support for the future of Central Oregon.”

As a member of the Senate Appropriations and Environment and Public Works committees and the ranking member of the Senate’s Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee, Merkley "has been a key figure in the fight to secure support and funding for projects such as these, his office's news release on the Bend visit stated.

Earlier this year, Merkley secured $150 million in new funding for the Watershed and Floor Prevention Operations Program in the Senate Agriculture Appropriations bill that passed the full Appropriations committee.

Merkley also secured a provision for increased support for the WaterSMART program in the Senate Energy and Water bill that passed on the Senate floor. The senator said he is pushing for those provisions to become law when Congress reconvenes after the election to finalize spending bills for 2017.

Additionally, Merkley is working to include a provision in the final House and Senate version of the 2016 Water Resources Development Act that would restore low-cost financing options for irrigation districts to pursue water infrastructure projects like canal piping.


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