New Coalition to Discuss Deschutes River Health

January 29, 2019
New Coalition to Discuss Deschutes River Health

BEND, OR -- A group of river-related agencies meets Tuesday to discuss a shared vision for the Deschutes. North Unit Irrigation District Director and Deschutes Basin Board of Control Manager Mike Britton says the goal is to return the river to full health for future generations, "It's a vision whereby we can work together to find solutions for the Deschutes River that benefit families, farms, and fish. Not just local interests, but really basin interests; not just a Deschutes or Bend issue, I believe it's really a Basin issue, and that's what the coalition is about." He adds, "It's really a broad perspective of representatives from the fishing community, from the recreational community, from the farming community. It really is an effort to bring in all those interests in a shared vision for the River."

The Shared Vision for the Deschutes, part of the Coalition for the Deschutes, holds its first meeting at the Riverhouse On the Deschutes, to discuss and celebrate the river's future, "I think this is a great first step, developing a group of people that can continue to work together to find solutions through local involvement." Britton tells KBND News, "Farmers, environmental groups, municipalities, and others with an interest are being invited to talk about the vision and find ways and help move the effort forward." He says they plan to invite the community to take part in the collaborative in the future, because the Deschutes River is an integral part of life in Central Oregon.

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