With temps set to soar, Bend offers WaterWise tips

July 9, 2018
With temps set to soar, Bend offers WaterWise tips

Weather forecasters are predicting significant increases in temperatures in Central Oregon this week. While this is common for Central Oregon, the City of Bend is encouraging all residents to use water wisely outdoors. The majority of water use in Bend this time of year is outdoor use, such as landscape irrigation.

“Generally, it is best to increase irrigation runtimes gradually as temperatures rise at the start of the season and then decrease gradually as temperatures cool later in the season,” said Mike Buettner, Water Conservation Program manager for the city. “Make smaller, incremental adjustments instead of adding additional start times or days to run. This will help save water and avoid over-watering your landscape.”

The city’s water conservation staff has a few tips to help save water outdoors this growing season:

· Don’t irrigate between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

· Irrigate only on even or odd days depending on whether your address is an even or odd number

· Ask your landscape maintenance professional to help you reduce water use

Visit www.waterwisetips.org for more information on how to save water in the landscape and at home.

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