BackyardBend's New Film Series "Water is Everything" Features Kate Fitzpatrick from Deschutes River Conservancy

September 15, 2023
BackyardBend's New Film Series "Water is Everything" Features Kate Fitzpatrick from Deschutes River Conservancy

BackyardBend Media has just released a beautiful and informative film series on water. We were honored to get to play a role.

Part 1: The Essence of Central Oregon—Water

We all know it—water is the lifeblood of Central Oregon. It's more than just a resource; it's a playground, a sanctuary for incredible wildlife, and an essential element for our health and well-being. To celebrate and explore this vital element, We are delighted to share Backyard Media's new two-part series, "Water is Everything."

In this first installment "Water is Everything (Part One)", join the filmmakers on an awe-inspiring tour of the water landscapes in Central Oregon. From the roaring rivers to the serene lakes, water is what makes our region not just survive, but thrive. Whether you are a resident of Central Oregon or a visitor enchanted by its natural beauty, this video aims to deepen your understanding and appreciation of the water that sustains us all.

Part 2: The People Behind the Mission—Kate Fitzpatrick, Kyle Gorman, Erin Kilcullen, and Mike Buettner

The Deschutes Basin aquifer is the hidden gem beneath our feet. It's shaped like a large bowl that deepens near the Cascade Mountains and becomes shallower towards the northeast. This natural reservoir is what nourishes our springs, wells, and entire ecosystem. However, there's a growing concern. Demand is increasing, and the climate crisis is threatening both our ground and surface water levels.

This brings us to the second part of our series, "Water is Everything (Part Two)," where we hear from the people who are making it their life’s mission to manage and protect this critical resource.

In Central Oregon, water isn't just something—we might argue that water is everything. And it's the collective responsibility of each one of us to consider it, take care of it, and get involved in solutions.

Join us on this enlightening journey about water, its importance, and the unsung heroes who are working behind the scenes to keep our region flourishing. Together, let's be part of the solution.

This BackyardBend video series has been made possible with the generous support of Diversified Heating & Cooling, Mother’s Juice Cafe, and Tumalo Creek Kayak & Canoe. We are immensely grateful for their commitment to a cause that impacts us all so deeply.

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