Dani Wise Johnson Newly Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner

August 30, 2021
Dani Wise Johnson Newly Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner

Congratulations to DRC Programs Director, Dani Wise Johnson for becoming a Certified Ecological Restoration Practitioner (CERP) through the Society for Ecological Restoration (SER). The CERP program encourages a high standard for professionals designing, implementing, overseeing, and monitoring restoration projects throughout the world. The only certification program of its kind, the CERP program guarantees that practitioners meet specific requirements for restoration, ecological knowledge, on-the-ground practical experience, and an understanding of international restoration principles and standards.

The program was launched in 2017 and has certified over 500 practitioners so far. Professionals come from a variety of backgrounds including ecologists, hydrologists, water resource engineers, landscape architects, and recent graduates.

“Restoring and protecting riverine and riparian ecosystems has been my professional focus for over twenty years," Dani said. "I believe preservation, conservation, and rehabilitation are all critical in efforts to protect and preserve our environment. It's an honor to be included in this program through SER, and I feel that the focus on ecosystems as a whole benefits all: the land, the water, and those of us that depend on them.”

We at the DRC are fortunate to have such accomplished professionals working toward our mission to restore streamflow and improve water quality. Dani’s skills and experience are a most welcome addition to our team.

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