Harvest update for Central Oregon

October 23, 2014
Harvest update for Central Oregon

The harvest season is drawing to a close in Central Oregon as fall seeding and preparation for the next year begin. With the successful completion of a diversity of crops grown, from garbanzo beans to fresh vegetables, the year turned out good.

Because of efficiencies in irrigation practices, crops that require less water, and the conservation efforts by the irrigation districts throughout Central Oregon, a shortage of irrigation water was overcome.

"This past season was great for most Commodities grown throughout Central Oregon with plenty of sunshine and frost-free days," said Richard Macy, a third-generation Culver farmer.

"The proof will be after all the seed crops are cleaned, commodities sold, and bills paid. This cycle can take as long as seventeen months before you see the bottom line."

Even though, Central Oregon is a great place to farm and watch your family grow.

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