Oregon Shines Partners with the DRC

February 28, 2023
Oregon Shines Partners with the DRC

What is Oregon Shines:

Oregon Shines represents Project Managers registered in the Oregon community solar program. Its role is to connect customers of Portland General Electric and Pacific Power with local community solar projects, acting as the conduit between both entities. The goal is to increase accessibility to solar energy to everyone regardless of income or home ownership status.

"I was so excited about the opportunity to participate in Oregon Shines' community solar program because it is a dead-simple way to be part of transitioning our local grid to clean energy. I can be part of a project that directly brings the benefits of solar energy to Oregon, and what's amazing about the program's design is that it doesn't cost me more than what I'd pay PGE anyway for electricity. This is a no-brainer for someone who wants to participate in solar energy but can't - or is not ready - to make the major investment to put it on their home's roof." - Evan R.

Collaboration with the DRC:

Because of their emphasis on environmental conservation and sustainable resources, Oregon Shines has partnered with the DRC. For every customer that registers with the solar program using the link below, Oregon Shines will donate $25 to the DRC. If you would like to support the DRC and Oregon Shines in their pursuit of accessible renewable energy, click below!

Click here to register: https//www.oregonshines.com/drc

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