What's Going on with our Rivers?

July 12, 2022
What's Going on with our Rivers?

Hydrology and Water Management in the Deschutes Basin

Water is a critical resource in our high desert arid climate and a source of well-being. We all know that Central Oregon is home to many beautiful rivers and streams, but you may not know that the Deschutes River and its tributaries are facing severe long-term challenges.

For over a century, large fluctuations in flows, resulting from irrigation diversions, have significantly impacted local rivers. In this seminar, hosted by the DRC in partnership with the Oregon Water Resources Department, learn about the unique geography, geology, and hydrology of the Deschutes Basin and how water use, drought, and climate change are affecting the landscape.

About the Raise the Deschutes Seminar Series

Deschutes River Conservancy's Raise the Deschutes Seminar Series was created to increase regional water knowledge, understanding of local issues, and awareness of available solutions. These monthly seminars provide opportunities for the public to engage with water experts who will present on and answer questions regarding the primary water issues affecting the Deschutes River Basin and the programs in place to address these issues.

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