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Urgent Need for Modernization

Stress the immediate need for updating irrigation infrastructure to increase water reliability and restore habitats in Central Oregon, emphasizing the joint efforts of the Deschutes River Conservancy and local irrigation districts.

Inefficiency of Current Systems

Highlight the fact that current irrigation systems in the Deschutes Basin, being over 100 years old, can lose up to 50% of water due to leakage, making them highly inefficient and wasteful.

Benefits of Upgrading to Closed Pipes

Explain how replacing open canals with closed, piped systems can conserve water, reduce evaporation and seepage, and eliminate the need for costly pumps, thus benefiting both farmers and the environment.

Environmental and Community Impact

Outline the positive impacts on wildlife conservation and the community, with saved water staying in the rivers to support fish and wildlife and the introduction of new clean energy sources through hydropower generated by the pressurized pipes.

Support for Irrigation Modernization

Declare support for the canal piping project as a critical step towards balancing the needs of agriculture with environmental conservation in the Deschutes Basin, urging others to also support this vital initiative.