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West megadrought worsens to driest in at least 1,200 years

By SETH BORENSTEIN (AP Science Writer) The American West’s megadrought deepened so much last year that it is now the driest in at least 1,200 years and is a worst-case climate change scenario playing out live, a…

Guest Column: Water bank gives hope for the future of farming

Bend Bulletin

For irrigators throughout Central Oregon — especially in North Unit Irrigation District (NUID), where I farm — 2021 was the worst season on record for water supplies. Given current reservoir levels and snowpack, farmers in NUID and other districts in the basin are now facing a 2022 season that could be even worse. Below normal precipitation for nine of the last 10 years has depleted storage reservoirs and reduced the capacity of the basin to recharge and recover from persistent drought.

What about the frog?

The Madras Pioneer

On top of a historic drought, farmers and ranchers in Jefferson County gave up water for the habitat of the spotted frog and other endangered species. Farmers and ranchers wanted to know whether their sacrifices made any difference for the frog.

What does the Crooked River Wetlands Complex do?

Central Oregonian

Although we’ve had some mild days, it’s still the dead of winter and there’s not much going on at the Wetlands — at least that we can see — thus, this is a good opportunity to address a topic on everyone’s mind: why is the complex here and what does it do? You’d be surprised how many daily users of the facility have no idea, and so here’s a brief attempt to change that.

Irrigators meet to plan for the coming year

The Madras Pioneer

More than 100 farmers and ranchers gathered at the Jefferson County Fairgrounds Mackey/Conroy building Thursday night, Dec. 16 to plan for the coming irrigation season. Another 50 followed the meeting online.