In the Media

September 2, 2010 – Bend Bulletin – Fantastic floating

As the evening sun sank slowly behind the pine forest, fish were rising along the marshy riverbanks as far as the eye could see. One finally rose to my dry fly, and I pulled back with a fierce hook-set. Too strong. The fish were small, and I pulled the hook right out of this one’s mouth.

August 25, 2010 – Bend Bulletin – Water project merits skepticism

Were horror master Stephen King to apply his talents to Bend’s proposed surface water project, he couldn’t choose two more frightening words than “complexity” and “uncertainty.” Both words figure prominently in an Aug. 16 memorandum to city councilors from Bend’s finance director, who describes some of the “complex financial considerations” that will affect the project. Compounding the complexity is the “uncertainty of … funding” needed to mitigate rate hikes for city water users.