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Mounting disasters reveal gaps in USDA relief programs

Capital Press

Agriculture has suffered from wildfires, ice storms, extreme heat and severe drought over the past year, exposing “gaps” in USDA assistance that’s generally designed for major commodity crops, experts say.

Hardships still brewing for Jefferson County farmers

Bend Bulletin

That is, he actually grows the ingredients he uses to produce the beer sold at his tap house. That’s a challenge for any brewer, but it has become especially hard with drought ravaging his wheat and barley fields.

Drought challenges Central Oregon farmers low on water


The stark contrast between the haves and have-nots two hours southeast of Portland has brought new urgency to efforts to share water. Proposals to create “water banks” or “water markets” would allow farmers with excess supply to lease it to those in need.

Oregon farmers blame endangered species for water woes

Portland Tribune

People at the meeting want to change the Habitat Conservation Plan which outlines how water in the Deschutes Basin gets shared between irrigators and threatened or endangered species.

Drought Tech

Oregon Business

Nearly 100% of Oregon is currently in severe drought, according to the United States Drought Monitor. Since 2015 Oregon has experienced drought each and every summer, the severity of which continues to increase as global temperatures rise.