Many Voices, One Plan: The Future of Water in the Upper Deschutes

From the Cascades to Lake Billy Chinook, the Deschutes River has been over-tapped for decades. Fish, farmers, and families all depend on water supplies that are impacted by drought and climate change. The Deschutes Basin Water Collaborative, a consortium of more than 45 stakeholders, is working to accelerate funding, market-based solutions, and implementation of water conservation projects in the basin to help meet demand. Come learn about this work and give the Collaborative your feedback on how you see Central Oregon meeting its water needs in the future.

Saving Water for Fish and Farms: Modernizing Central Oregon’s Irrigation Infrastructure

Did you know 80-90% of the water in rivers across the Western US is diverted for irrigation? Piping leaky canals and upgrading on-farm irrigation saves water, making farms more productive and efficient while allowing more water to remain instream. Learn how these tools have worked to restore Whychus Creek and how they are being used to help fish and farms across the Deschutes Basin. 

Groundwater in Central Oregon

This seminar will focus on current trends in the regional aquifer system and the unique connection between groundwater and surface water. Join us on October 10, 2022, in-person or online, for this important conversation. The replay will be available after the event date. 

Resiliency in the Face of Scarcity: Why Water Banks Make Sense

We’re living in a region with limited water supplies and imbalanced distribution. Water banks create flexibility in how water can be distributed to meet needs. Find out how we can use water banks in Central Oregon to enable the flexible and voluntary market-based reallocation of water, particularly during drought conditions.