Whose Water is it Anyway? Water Rights 101

Do rivers have rights? Back when Oregon was developing its water laws in the early 1900s, any water that remained unused and left instream was considered wasted. Watch this seminar to understand regional water rights and how they affect water management.

What’s Going on with our Rivers?

Water is a critical resource in our high desert arid climate and a source of well-being. We all know that Central Oregon is home to many beautiful rivers and streams, but you may not know that the Deschutes River and its tributaries are facing severe long-term challenges. Watch this seminar to find out more.

The Return of Whychus Creek

Whychus Creek is coming back to life after a 9 phase piping project that has modernized Three Sisters Irrigation District and restored year-round flows in the iconic creek that runs through Sisters, Oregon.

Act Now to Save the Deschutes

The Deschutes is a natural jewel in the heart of our community. But many of us are unaware that the river upstream of Bend is in big trouble. Its ecology is at a tipping point…

Change the Story

The Deschutes River runs through the heart of Central Oregon. For the past century, the river has been managed to serve irrigation needs. This has had a negative impact on flows and the health of…