Dec 15 – Riversong – A Community Celebration & “Big Sing”

This article was published on: 11/13/19 4:56 PM

Do you feel a kindredness with our rivers and creeks? Do you feel calm, find peace, clarity, hope or renewal among the various banks and curves of the big river flowing down the mountains across the desert?

If you do, you may be excited about a special celebration we are honored to be co-creating with Open Hub Singing and creative director Ian Carrick.

Open Hub Singing w/ Ian Carrick at First Presbyterian

A message from Open Hub Singing Creative Director:

I am Ian Carrick, creative director of Open Hub Singing, a local community choir grounded in the belief that singing together is a human birthright and a vitally effective ‘technology of belonging.’

On Sunday, December 15th our 30ish singers will come prepared with a powerfully moving set of songs to share with anyone who loves our rivers.

You and your families are invited to listen. We will also invite you to join in on a few simple songs. “Big Sing” means there’s less of an audience and more of a participatory experience.

Event and Ticket Information

Sunday, December 15th | 3:00 – 4:30 | $5 – proceeds donated to DRC 

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