Dirty Freehub Podcast – Interview with DRC Program Manager Jacob Kimiecik

This article was published on: 09/17/22 10:59 PM

Dirty Freehub is an organization with a love for trail-biking and a mission to provide communities with access and information on great places to ride. This organization creates maps of gravel bike routes linked to location and site-specific details to ensure the rider is well-equipped to handle their outdoor adventure. On their site, Dirty Freehub also provides podcasts and articles on the local environments that encompass the routes to give users a connection to what makes the trail possible.

Jacob Kimiecik is a DRC program manager in charge of the Water Rights Switch on Mckay Creek, a tributary of the Crooked River, near Prineville. The Water Right Switch aims to increase the mid-stream flows of McKay Creek by allowing local landowners to trade their private Mckay Creek water rights with Ochoco Irrigation District water rights (from the Prineville Reservoir) to ensure water stays in the McKay system.

Because a Freehub gravel trail resides along McKay Creek, Freehub podcast host Chris Kutach has interviewed Jacob about the Deschutes River Conservancy’s mission as well as their work on McKay Creek to give their audience a strong connection to the area.

Click below to listen to the full interview.