Notes from the Field – Restoring Habitat in the Upper Deschutes

This article was published on: 06/11/21 6:12 PM

DRC staff were thrilled to be out in the field with partners this week exploring habitat restoration opportunities on the Upper and Little Deschutes Rivers. For the last 70 years, altered flows in the Deschutes River upstream of Bend made habitat restoration efforts ineffective.

With the flow restoration measures agreed upon in the recently-completed Habitat Conservation Plan, meaningful habitat restoration is finally on the horizon.

We are partnering with the Upper Deschutes Watershed Council, Deschutes Land Trust, US Fish and Wildlife Service, USDA Forest Service and Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Department to develop a strategic habitat restoration plan for the upper basin. We could not ask for better partners- the depth of expertise and drive for restoration is inspirational. This partnership will be generating remarkable restoration outcomes over the next decade.

Disclaimer (for the frog photo). This Oregon spotted frog is being held by an expert biologist with a permit to handle this species. Please do not handle these frogs if you are out in the field as they are a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act.