Deschutes River Conservancy News

Notes from the Field – Take Aways from the Central Oregon Farm Fair

The 42 annual Central Oregon Farm Fair at Jefferson County Fairgrounds (Feb. 3 & 4) was well attended by farmers seeking information about their water supply for the coming year, programs to improve conservation practices, reports on crop research, and re-certifications for safe use of on-farm chemicals. Here are our takeaways from the two days of seminars and discussions. 

Deschutes River Conservancy News

New Water Management Program Will Ease Water Shortages for Junior Irrigators and Rivers

The Deschutes River Conservancy (DRC), in partnership with Central Oregon Irrigation District and North Unit Irrigation District, is launching the 2022 Deschutes Water Bank Pilot Program. The program is a local, flexible, and voluntary water management tool, which allows for the easier movement of water to meet farmer and river needs in times of scarcity.