Stewarding Oregon’s Rivers: The Role of Businesses in Water and Wildlife Conservation

January 31, 2024
Stewarding Oregon’s Rivers: The Role of Businesses in Water and Wildlife Conservation

Oregon’s rivers are a vital component to the health and identity of many communities across the state. As the climate continues to shift and extreme weather impacts intensify, arid regions like Central Oregon are being hit especially hard by the extended drought affecting the western United States. The need for innovative solutions to help mitigate these impacts is critical.

Since 1996, the Deschutes River Conservancy (DRC) has been leading collaborative and innovative approaches to water management, creating a nationally recognized sustainable model. Working within the confines of complex century-old water laws, the DRC has developed and implemented pioneering programs that restore streamflows to the Deschutes Basin and improve water quality while simultaneously supporting local agriculture and the thriving communities of Central Oregon.

With the acknowledgment of the environmental challenges facing communities throughout Oregon, the US, and the world; Intel began its partnership with the DRC in 2018, marking a significant corporate commitment to environmental sustainability. This 10-year commitment to the DRC’s Annual Water Leasing Program is restoring over 80 million gallons per year to the Deschutes River and over 960 million gallons cumulatively by 2028.

Driven by the goal of achieving net positive water by 2030, Intel additionally funds initiatives to restore water to rivers including the McKenzie, Willamette, and Tualatin, showcasing the impact corporate partnerships can make in conservation. These efforts have led to the restoration of significant volumes of water, enhancing both the environment and community welfare.

Healthy rivers and a reliable water supply are important to the future of Oregon, and businesses play a crucial role in supporting efforts to restore and protect these vital resources. These collaborative efforts not only support programs that directly restore flows to the river, but they also drive overall community momentum towards preserving Oregon's water resources and biodiversity.

For businesses and individuals eager to make an impact, supporting local non-profit river conservation groups can make a tangible difference. You can learn more about the DRC and support their mission to restore streamflows and improve water quality at

About the Deschutes River Conservancy: The Deschutes River Conservancy (DRC) was formed in 1996 with a mission to restore streamflow and improve water quality in the Deschutes River Basin. The DRC has a multi-stakeholder board and, through collaborative efforts, has restored up to 350 CFS (equivalent to over 14 Olympic-sized swimming pools per hour) of flow in the basin with non-litigious, voluntary, and market-based programs. For more information about the DRC, visit

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