KTVZ - BLM moves to flat $5 year-round fee for Lower Deschutes Wild and Scenic River boater pass

This article was published on: 03/4/22 11:38 AM

The Deschutes Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management’s Prineville District announced Friday it will implement a fee change on the individual special recreation permit (boater pass) for floating the wild and scenic portion of the Lower Deschutes River. Effective April 1, the boater pass fee will be a flat rate of $5 per person, per day.

Previously the fee was $2/person/day year-round, with peak weekends from Memorial Day through Labor Day increasing to $8/person/day.

The BLM said the fee change will make costs more equitable for all users throughout the year and will help the BLM account for rising operating costs and the need for year-round maintenance.

“We have a lot more year-round use on the river than when we initially put this fee in place,” said Assistant Field Manager Lisa Clark, “and this change makes fees more equitable for everyone, and also provides additional funding to address year-round maintenance and operations needs.”

When considering alternatives to meet the current needs of users and maintenance for the river, the BLM received input from the public, the John Day–Snake Resource Advisory Council, and the Lower Deschutes River Managers’ Group.

Fees collected will continue to support boating and camping operations along all four segments of the Lower Deschutes River, including maintaining and upgrading facilities and roads, conducting safety patrols, purchasing key infrastructure like a new portable toilet dumping station, treating weeds, and helping all visitors enjoy a spectacular river.

For more information about this project, call (541) 416-6700 or email BLM_OR_PR_LDR@blm.gov.

To get a boater pass, go to: www.recreation.gov/permits/251980.

Additional details about the Lower Deschutes River are here: https://go.usa.gov/xz3D5.