October 9, 2010 – Bend Bulletin – Yes on 76

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Yes on 76

Published: October 09. 2010 4:00AM PST

Nobody ever regrets saving land for parks. Yet, ironically, many parks face stiff opposition before they are created. Anyone who has watched Ken Burns’ “National Parks: America’s Best Idea” has seen how many national parks faced such opposition. I’ve experienced this personally, too. As a young conservationist in Minnesota, I lobbied hard for a state park over loud objections from the local people. That park is now known as the “crown jewel of Minnesota” and is an important economic benefit and much beloved by the local community.

The clear message is that we should not succumb to short-term objections to investment in our parks and open space. While the current economic downturn might cause us to hesitate, a long-term view reassures me that parks and habitat are one of our best investments.

This is why I’m a supporter of Oregon’s ballot Measure 76. Measure 76 makes permanent the 15 percent allocation of lottery proceeds to finance parks and natural resources. It is one of the best ways for us to protect critical wildlife habitats, forests, rivers, streams and scenic vistas, and it doesn’t cost taxpayers a cent. In short, it is a winner for Oregonians by continuing a vital investment in our natural environment.

A “yes” vote on ballot Measure 76 is a “no regrets” investment in Oregon’s parks and open spaces.

Geoffrey Barnard


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